Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oh sigh*

oh sigh!!
You are shutting all my hopes,
Which belong to me years.
Deep and depth; strong and solid,
Bleeding my heart,
But no pain, no tears,
Freezing expectations.
Shapeless images,
Colourless days,
Voiceless friends.
Again I search for my love,
The breath of life it is.
I am wrong, stupid,
Because I love.
They laughing at my heart,
So feel I am in mental hospital.
I am mad, crazy,
Because I love.
Where you hide the face?
Where you hide the love?
Let it to flow over your heart.
Oh! my people,
Be frank, open,
Be don't pseudo!!
Oh sigh! thanks
Relax my heart, and cool.
Waving vibrated hands, BYE!!

* fools are free in this obstructed world!! Here are the lines of a fool which have neither rhyme nor rhythm, meaningless utterance. Let him do so.

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