Monday, September 3, 2012

my daily whispering (lesson)

-knowledge is confidence, ignorance is fear, overcoming is courage
-solitude is a painful freedom
- something is accidental and that might be precious too.
   platonic love is divine; it can purify your heart!
- silence is the best reaction. But I forget to fail in front of sound.
- scared of creator; not creature!
- compromise is a kind of slavery.
- not to defeat but not to be defeated.
- dryness of job makes me to do something
   I’m on the stage. you are my audience.
   you can judge. But I’ll decide what is right
- mirage is the symbol of hope for every dream traveler in desert
- society is not always a good audience  
obedience is a kind of slavery 
   nobody can rule me but God
I'm nothing but I like everything

art in heART