Thursday, August 19, 2010

mum and two children

she was asking the place where they want to go and rushed in to the bus with her sister and mum. Mum was carrying a heavy bag. They were street sellers. I was standing next to them and looking at their movements and talk. It was bit of unfamiliar one. Elder daughter; about 8 years old, took the seat but it was not "seat" yet they can sit over there. she was still talking with her mother. But gloomy mum did not answer any of her questions and kept silence while holding door side of the bus. I think they don't know what is smiling and happiness but they know pain and sorrow. I don't know why should I feel sad, but I could not control my mind and just kept my feelings in my heart. Sometime we are helpless to carry the poor. I don't know when I can help them. My mind intended to ask anything to them, something did not allow me to do so. Have they big dreams? what might be that? oh! mind, let me walk until I get the power to make them happy!!