Thursday, October 9, 2008

my country is world!!

Blood relation! It's a real story. That word is not in your "dictionary". There you can't see that word, instead you can find "human relation". There for I do not believe in that kind of blood relation. Yet, agnize value of human relation. So I created new way of friendship that goes beyond your boundary. Endless ways are created by that new colour of friendship. If you think so, you can also say " my country is world",beyond all existing conception of man and life. All are living on reserved way of thinking. There I see genuine steps, please don't say it would be "mirage".


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Age of escaping"

I'm searching for real men. Where we find real men!!, you know? That thought came into my mind when I completed high school study, that time, I dare say it was the " age of escaping" from society. Because if I was continuing my mingling with friends. I can never say they were bad but me. It would have ended by tragedy. so I went to Malappuram, one of the districts of Kerala. that was really my turning point of my life in all view. In fact, I was molded by that beautiful atmosphere and friends. In that period of time I could create new type of friendship. But they are all thinking religious things, they connect all affairs of life to heaven. It might be better but really they forgot practical life. I like to keep silence in that "age of orthodox". Later, I realized that life goes again on orthodox way, so again I search new place for freedom. We three friends eluded from there. and lived together around eight months at a small village mixes with sincere people. I say they were "pachamanushyar" (real men)!! That time we were teachers!! we are known as "moulavi", this term used only among Muslim religious leaders. But what we can do!! We thankfully accepted!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Let me choose!!

I do like to change my colour, but I don't know which colour I can select, because all colours are taken away by existing religions (orthodox), parties and thoughts. so I search for pure colour, unmixed by thoughts of partiality. That may be a new colour in the world ever seen.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Mother

my mother's name.
no heart for pain,
Eyes for shed tears.
same time some dog's Barking!!
do you know Dog's name?
what can I do for my Patience?
nothing.. we are helpless..
I decided years ago..
so I can't cry..
Tears are blood
oh! my God!!
My colour is Red
Blood Red!!
Revenge for something
I don't know that DAY
But you can expect!!


oh! Friends
For you and mother
In my mind full of you
Heard words
I can't say to you
so I wrote it
In my heart.

My Dear Mind

My dear Mind,
why are you calling me? where are you going? If there is a clear way, I will come with you, because I have no friends to share my feelings. Help me to go.I don't know anything. But thirst for words to create a world.
much love

Sunday, September 7, 2008


oh Life!!
you never flow calmly ;
leave and go as you like
May be crazy!!'s better
Can't correct others
Just say SORRY
Lock not heart
Open.. Open....
Silence is SOUND
Dear, leave him ALONE
with complete freedom
Tears are saying
May I go with my words
Alone like HIM