Thursday, November 19, 2009

invalidity of relationships

Everything is short and limited. Anticipations are stupidity. If you give much important to relationships, I like to call you fool; because today I know it. I don’t know what really happening around us. Everything changing, nothing existing in a permanent shape. Change is to be welcomed but it is not to be pathetic!! oh! unbearable. I shocked when my friend said that reality “relation are not made for ever”. Really that is hitting in my brain and makes me pain. but oh!! who is responsible for these changes. God, science or men? I leave all to the almighty. I can't suffer much shocks. Can I get a validity card for my life long relationship which I give much important, respect, purity and so?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oh sigh*

oh sigh!!
You are shutting all my hopes,
Which belong to me years.
Deep and depth; strong and solid,
Bleeding my heart,
But no pain, no tears,
Freezing expectations.
Shapeless images,
Colourless days,
Voiceless friends.
Again I search for my love,
The breath of life it is.
I am wrong, stupid,
Because I love.
They laughing at my heart,
So feel I am in mental hospital.
I am mad, crazy,
Because I love.
Where you hide the face?
Where you hide the love?
Let it to flow over your heart.
Oh! my people,
Be frank, open,
Be don't pseudo!!
Oh sigh! thanks
Relax my heart, and cool.
Waving vibrated hands, BYE!!

* fools are free in this obstructed world!! Here are the lines of a fool which have neither rhyme nor rhythm, meaningless utterance. Let him do so.

Monday, November 9, 2009

am not alone

Again I lost the meaning of love and real life. You friend, I thought that you can understand me well, but there I failed. SORRY!! I have no pain, because am not alone. having love, support, caring. Please don't ask me from where I get it? Life!! you are teaching all chemistry of real life. hopes are deserted but hoping, because I like to be an OPTIMIST. I ask you, what is real? what is unreal? Let me know the meaning of love? But I don't know that is wrong what I dream. I love all what is belong to me, even my cell number, books, my spectacles!! may be am a fool but that is ME. so let me walk in my way where I get pleasure.