Wednesday, May 27, 2009


oh world!
we are visitors of your home
don't expect much
relationships and tools are alike
just "handovering"...
I fear of love and men
fingers are shaking
don't hate and love
but be an optimist!
and wait until hug of death.

Friday, May 22, 2009

don't love!

Night hardly cheats day but the mind, where no light enters. It would be dark even in the day light without smile and stained one. Somebody set fire to the armory which could create good heart.
“guilty conscience” screaming.
Is there no shape for mind, it is to be changed within second. Oh! My dear!! Uncontrollable beatings, again it comes in to the palm that is my mind.
Don’t love!
It would raise hatred’s depth
So, don’t love
Not to hate
Oh! My days!
Taste is the code of relationship beyond ASL (age, sex, location). Parentage gathered by different colour and tastes. Oh! Dream you make me desire. So much… Oh! Words, if I had not your support, to whom would I say my pain and expectations?