Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fresh year

Coming a fresh year into the busy life which has neither shape nor rhythm. Again we recreating new hopes and determinations. Time never waits for us to correct the past, it comes up to the year sans ask and tell us. Years are the chapter of our life. It teaches new lessons through the death and birth of lives, fall and rise of the cities, changes of the world and so. Nothing is controlled by us, so what should we hope and take decision? Yet, nobody likes to be a pessimist. That is what take good determinations and expect glorious events of tomorrow. For me, this year is the finishing point and turning of my study .
I recollect love which tasted and lost . something gifted, and beyond our dreams and hopes. Eyes controlling pain and tears. Oh! every good things are short such as love and good friend. With pain, closing the doors of 2009. Say BYE! wipe tears and welcome the fresh year.