Sunday, December 27, 2015

mad ship

I'm a mad ship which would like to touch the sun in the horizon
No Sailor. No wind.
But I'm half drowned in the middle of ocean 


I sleep like a fisherman and
wake up with a mind full of something new

Fixed Death

Death is fixed one
So don't worry about life

out of the reality

I'm out of the reality
I don't understand anything you say


I'm a blurry star which wishes to disappear at the edge of nothingness 

divine reading

Sleeping is a divine reading of soul 

useless love

I feel as I ended forever
I can see your useless love 

being me

I stop finding solution of arguments.
I have to finish the game by finding myself 


Don't wait
Nobody there to inherit your emotions;
They are helpless to give birth "the words".