Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blessed artist *

A blessed artist, hails from Kerala (Kozhikode) one of the states of India. Playing with crayon, brush and colors. It was my second visit in his artistic world. Someone’s beauty can be doubled by their talent that is what I seen in that magical art atmosphere with full of hand work. This kind artist has many colorful journey of life to say to us. Sometime his words make us to think that never be an inborn artist because of that blessed art still did not get such a great recognition which is absolutely deserved. But with a deep sigh he says “I sure that one day I will reach somewhere else, but don’t know when or how” simplicity colored in his face and whole behavior. Its passion and fond of art. It’s funny that I think these type artists’ blood would not be RED but with a mixture of many colors. There is no word to say about his works which has perfected. Long years of experience can be seen clearly in every line. I wish and pray for him to get a right place as blessed with such a great gift.

* Shajiyennes

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