Sunday, August 26, 2012

my dear gift*

opened all doors and windows,
long years sorted in a single night.
eyes flooded in happiness,
tears wrought with care and love.

unexpected reward hurts,
but how sweet is my pain!!
God defeated me once again,
I love my God, I love my gift.

restoring heart and mind,
restoring brain and body.
flood swept away all sadness,
broken all hopes and beliefs.
everything clear. everywhere promises.
sprouting hope awoke me.

tasted the sweetness of reality,
tired of the foolishness of fantasy.
I can't believe the surroundings,
I touch everything as strange objects.
but it's real and pure.
I save all in the dept of my being-
for a long ride till death.
God! never mop off this destiny.
let it remain as long as I'm there.

* Anna (not real name) is my best girl friend.

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