Sunday, May 23, 2010

falling a green leaf*

Yellow leaf remains green memories of the past
But what remind green leaf's depart
Broken everything when the green leaf-
Slid from the branch with all dreams.
Clotted tears wiped each other.
Everywhere we see him,
We try to call him
But face shows the real itself
Oh! it is not my friend
Oh Lord! if it was my friend.
I shaking my pen, it works not well
There is no more ink to pen
As Lycidas* written.
Everything dried and part
Vain talk and repetition getting on each other
Again silence and nothingness!!
Fading stories of green leaf and
Bending in with others.

*One of my friends Muneer (23), who was studying MA at Jamia Millia University, New Delhi. He was falling from Train and died of it while he was coming to Kerala.
*Lycidas" is a poem by John Milton, dedicated to the memory of Edward King, a college mate of Milton's at Cambridge who had been drowned when his ship sank in the Irish Sea off the coast of Wales in August 1637.

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