Saturday, June 27, 2009

k for kiss

Pure relationship!! is born and reborn. they were killed by a word. yes I killed. can you guess that sharp word? For me, that was not sharp at all but for them, it was sharp as a knife. you know, my mother taught a meaning and usage of it. I did not know another usage. so I thrust towards.. it killed before I got a reply, there was silence, could not understand even its meaning. deep silence!! I don't know what wrong with me. oh! mother why did you teach me wrong? tell me.... "A" for apple, apple for eating but you failed when you taught "K". K for Kiss and kiss for your mother's cheek, to makes her happy. I do know only the pure meaning of that word, to whom I say? all are kidding so I threw away that word and walk again and again without sound.

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